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Scientific and Industrial Equipment and Water Quality Information

Overview of H2O Quality

While water is often fairly clear, it is far from simple. It possesses a large range of properties, all of which can affect, sometimes adversely, its suitability for a given task. Below is a selection of some of the most important, although obviously what is considered important will vary according to what the water is being used for.

Acidity (pH)

A measure of the acidity of a solution. While highly acidic water is obviously a problem, it is worth remembering that high levels of alkalinity can be just as detrimental. A low pH will indicate acidity, and conversely a high pH will indicate alkalinity.

Dissolved Oxygen

If a body of water is required to sustain life, the level of dissolved oxygen becomes pertinent. Excessively high or low levels will likely have adverse effects.


This is a measure of any suspended or solids present within a body of water, which may may manifest as 'cloudiness'. Obviously, such suspended solids may constitute impurities, and must therefore be considered and tested for.