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Drummond Scientific

You are viewing information about Drummond Scientific, a provider of Data Loggers and Recorders Laboratory Instruments.

Description: We manufacture the R2 Data Logger and thermistor strings for environmental data recording.

Summary: Drummond Scientific Company - Pipet Aids, Microdispensers, Oocyte Injectors and more - Drummond Scientific manufactures precision micro liquid transfer devices such as pipets, pipet-aids, capillary tubing, oocyte injectors, and more for scientific and clinical applications. Our unique manufacturing capability and technical expertise can also be applied to your specialized product or requirement. We are prepared to supply capillary glass and plastic tubing, injection molded, plastic components as well as electronic controls to meet your specifications.

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Information: Pipet-Aid Elite 400 The new Drummond Programmable Pipet-Aid Elite 400 sets an advanced standard for fast, accurate pipetting and easy, comfortable operation. See the Elite in action

URL: http://www.drummondsci.com