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Allegro Technologies

You are viewing information about Allegro Technologies, a provider of Pipettors Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Liquid handling nanotechnology company supplying automated liquid handling instruments in the nanolitre dispensing and microlitre dispensing range.

Summary: Liquid Handling, Nanolitre, Nanoliter, Spot-on, Genomics, Proteomics, Deerac Fluidics - Deerac Fluidics - Deerac Fluidics is a liquid handling nanotechnology company in Dublin, Ireland, supplying automated liquid handling instruments in the nanolitre dispensing, nanoliter dispensing and microlitre dispensing range. The spot-on technology permits miniaturization of assays in applications such as drug discovery, high throughput screening (HTS), proteomics, protein crystallography, genomics, protein arrays, DNA microarrays and diagnostics. Allegro is supplying novel nanolitre and other nanotechnology solutions to industries including biotechnology, pharmaceutical and electronics

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Information: As pharmaceutical companies, genomic service providers, and other life ence research organizations desire to perform larger numbers of assays within fixed budgets, there is a strong drive to reduce the volume of each assay in order to reduce cost and minimize waste. Although products from both Labcyte and Deerac address the growing market of low-volume liquid handling, each company utilizes a unique technology and they operate in different volume ranges. Please see the press release in the What’s New column for complete details.

URL: http://www.allegro-technologies.com/