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You are viewing information about Artel, a provider of Pipettors Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Pipette performance verification, microbiological identification testing.

Summary: ARTEL Liquid Handling Quality Assurance Leader: Pipette Calibration, Automated Liquid Handler Verification, Pipette Technique Training - ARTEL provides systems for pipette calibration, liquid handler verification and optimization, pipette technique training, certification, training seminars, multichannel pipette calibration integration and automation support for liquid handlers.

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Information: var _tabs1070 = new ektTabs(['MediaPlaceholder','flash']); The ARTEL PCS??Pipette Calibration System is so easy, you hardly have to read the directions ! It's quick, easy and so much more enjoyable than the other system. We have been waiting two years to buy this - I have no regrets.

URL: http://www.artel-usa.com/