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KD Scientific Syringe Pumps

You are viewing information about KD Scientific Syringe Pumps, a provider of Pipettors Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Syringe pumps for infusion and dispensing accurate flow rates. Bulk Reagent Dispenser for 96 well and 384 well microplates. Nanoflow and microfluidic applications. Replace pipettors and manual dispensing. Syringe pumps for infusion and withdrawal, program

Summary: Syringe Pumps by KD Scientific - KD Scientific is a manufacturer of quality laboratory syringe pumps

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Information: Liquid Handling Products for automated and affordable delivery of fluids and gas for the laboratory environment. A line of economical infusion pumps, syringe pumps, and syringe pumps with infuse and withdraw capability. OEM syringe pumps for industrial and life science applications and a line of dispensers for 96/384 well microplates.

URL: http://kdscientific.com