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Popper and Sons

You are viewing information about Popper and Sons, a provider of Pipettors Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Reusable needles, hypodermic needles, hypodermic needles fabrication,laboratory needles, OEM custom needles, reusable luers and hypodermic tubing component fabrication.

Summary: Reusable Hypodermic needles, laboratory needles,OEM and custom manufacturing - ISO 9000:2000 and 13485-2003 Hypodermic needles manufacturing, medical needles, reusable needles,laboratory needles, sampling probes, reagent probes. Hypodermic tubing fabrication, OEM custom needles, reusable Luers.

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Information: International PavillionPopper & Sons is an ISO 9001:2000/13485 U.S.manufacturer and a leading supplier of a wide range of reusable and specialty hypodermic products to the Medical and Laboratory markets. We stock over 1000 catalog items including :hypodermic needles, procedure needles including anesthesia, radiology and biopsy needles, interchangeable glass syringes, numbered glass syringes, tuberculin and irrigating syringes. And, a full line of metal Luers including three-way and one-way stopcocks, threaded Luer adapters, bulkhead Luer connectors and Luer manifolds.! Most of our standard products are also CE-marked. Popper also offers OEM and Custom manufacturing Services specializing in needle and metal fabrication of tubular components for medical and laboratory applications. Our custom needle manufacturing services can modify any of our existing needles or we can design and manufacture needles to your specifications. Our OEM division provides turn-key device manufacturing services from design to prototyping, production and packaging. Services focus on metal fabrication and include hypodermic tubing, blunt tubes (cut-offs), point and needle grinding. The OEM medical device part of our business goes to market under the name IncisionTech . For more information on the products we custom manufacture for use in surgical devices see www.incisiontech.com

URL: http://www.popperandsons.com/