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Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc

You are viewing information about Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc, a provider of pH Meters and Dissolved Oxygen Sensors Laboratory Instruments.

Description: Manufacturers of pH, ORP and Ion Selective Sensors for difficult process control measurements. ASTI provides complete pH, ORP and ISE loop control systems including analyzers and transmitters, TPC and PID Controllers.

Summary: Advanced Sensor Technologies >> Homepage for pH, ORP, Ion Selective and Conductivity Measurement Products - ASTI manufactures customized application oriented solid state long lasting pH, ORP and Ion Selective replacement sensors for difficult process and wastewater measurements

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Information: High Temperature Resistant pH sensors for Sugar Refining and Low Maintenance, High Accuracy Sanitary pH Sensors for control in Cheese & Dairy applications. Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.603 North Poplar Street, Orange, California 92868-1011 USATel: + (1) 714-978-2837 Toll-Free: + (1) 888-969-2784 Fax: + (1) 714-978-6339 Website: http://www.astisensor.comManufacturing Long-Lasting Industrial pH Sensors, ORP sensors, Ion Selective Sensors & Conductivity Sensors for Difficult Inline Process Control Measurementand Monitoring ApplicationsSupplying Research Grade pH Electrodes, ORP Electrodes, Ion Selective Electrodes and Conductivity Electrodes for Laboratory TestingOffering industry leading product developments and research services for OEM manufacturers and resellers requiring pH, ORP and Ion Selective Measurements for Medical In-Vitro and In-Vivo Applications and Industrial Inline, Immersion and Submersible Measurements

URL: http://www.astisensor.com/