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Chronic inflammation and water quality in hemodialysis patients

You are viewing information about the paper Chronic inflammation and water quality in hemodialysis patients.

Journal: Nephrol News Issues 2002/07/12
Published: 2001
Authors: Spittle, M. A.
Address: Renal Research Institute, New York, NY, USA.

Chronic inflammation, the associated cardiovascular disease, and attendant high mortality remain huge problems in the HD population. Determining the predominant causal factors in the triggering and maintenance of this inflammatory state is of paramount importance in formulating treatment strategies for individuals and for centers. In most cases, causation is multifactorial and several different areas of the HD process need to be considered. In this respect, the water system in HD centers is certainly one parameter that demands careful design, rigorous monitoring and strict adherence to effective disinfection protocols. In this way it may be possible not only to reduce levels of inflammatory markers, but to improve performance in other clinical areas, such as EPO therapy, and perhaps outcomes in the HD population.

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