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Surface water quality assessment by environmetric methods

You are viewing information about the paper Surface water quality assessment by environmetric methods.

Journal: Environ Monit Assess 2006/11/16
Published: 2007
Authors: Boyacioglu, H.
Address: Faculty of Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, Tinaztepe Campus Buca, 35160, Izmir, Turkey. hulya.boyacioglu@deu.edu.tr

This environmetric study deals with the interpretation of river water monitoring data from the basin of the Buyuk Menderes River and its tributaries in Turkey. Eleven variables were measured to estimate water quality at 17 sampling sites. Factor analysis was applied to explain the correlations between the observations in terms of underlying factors. Results revealed that, water quality was strongly affected from agricultural uses. Cluster analysis was used to classify stations with similar properties and results distinguished three groups of stations. Water quality at downstream of the river was quite different from the other part. It is recommended to involve the environmetric data treatment as a substantial procedure in assessment of water quality data.

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