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Remotely sensed assessment of water quality levels in the Pearl River Estuary, China

You are viewing information about the paper Remotely sensed assessment of water quality levels in the Pearl River Estuary, China.

Journal: Mar Pollut Bull 2007/06/01
Published: 2007
Authors: Chen, C.;Tang, S.;Pan, Z.;Zhan, H.;Larson, M.;Jonsson, L.
Address: Key Laboratory of Tropical Marine Environmental Dynamics, South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510300, China. cqchen@scsio.ac.cn

In this paper, a method of assessing water quality from satellite data is introduced. The composite pollution index (CPI) was calculated from measured chemical oxygen demand (COD) and nutrient concentration. The relationships between CPI and 240 band combinations of SeaWiFS water-leaving radiance were analyzed and the optimal band combination for estimating CPI was chosen from the 240 band combinations. An algorithm for retrieval of CPI was developed using the optimal band combination, (L(443)xL(510))/(L(412)+L(490)). The CPI was estimated from atmospherically corrected SeaWiFS data by employing the algorithm. Furthermore, the CPI value range for each water quality level was determined based on data obtained from 850 samples taken in the Pearl River Estuary. The remotely sensed CPIs were then transferred to water quality levels and appropriate maps were derived. The remotely sensed water quality level maps displayed a similar distribution of levels based on in situ investigation issued by the State Ocean Administration, China. This study demonstrates that remote sensing can play an important role in water quality assessment.

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