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Scientific and Industrial Equipment and Water Quality Information

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A feasible method to assess inaccuracy caused by patchiness in water quality monitoring

A simplified model for reservoir operation considering the water quality issues: Application of the Young conflict resolution theory

An appraisal of changes in seasonal water quality during passage through a shallow reservoir in Western Poland

An assessment of the quality of various bottled mineral water marketed in Turkey

Application of MODIS satellite data in monitoring water quality parameters of Chaohu Lake in China

Application of multivariate statistical techniques in the assessment of surface water quality in Uluabat Lake, Turkey

Application of statistical modeling to optimize a coastal water quality monitoring program

Assessment of irrigation water quality A proposal of a quality profile

Assessment of river water quality during snowmelt and base flow periods in two catchment areas with different land use

Assessment of surface water quality using multivariate statistical techniques in red soil hilly region: a case study of Xiangjiang watershed, China

Assessment of water quality of Manchar Lake in Sindh (Pakistan)

Comparative analysis of regional water quality in Canada using the Water Quality Index

Conductivity as a tracer of agricultural and urban runoff to delineate water quality impacts in the northern Everglades

Continuous water quality monitoring for the hard clam industry in Florida, USA

Design of on-line river water quality monitoring systems using the entropy theory: a case study

Effect of water quality parameters on the distribution of Pleuromamma (Copepoda-Calanoida) species in the Indian Ocean: a statistical approach

Effects of water quality and hydrologic drivers on periphyton colonization on Sparganium erectum in two Turkish lakes with different mixing regimes

Environmental studies on river water quality with reference to suitability for agricultural purposes: Mahanadi river estuarine system, India - a case study

Evaluation of drinking water treatment and quality in Takua Pa, Thailand

Evaluation of surface water quality characteristics by using multivariate statistical techniques: A case study of the Euphrates river basin, Turkey

Evaluation of water quality index for drinking purposes for river Netravathi, Mangalore, South India

Forestry best management practices: evaluation of alternate streamside management zones on stream water quality in Pockwock Lake and Five Mile Lake watersheds in central Nova Scotia, Canada

Heavy metal contents and the water quality of Karasu Creek in Nigde, Turkey

Impact assessment of various parameters polluting Ganga water in Kolkata Region: a study for quality evaluation and environmental implication

Impact of intensive agricultural practices on drinking water quality in the Evros region (NE Greece) by GIS analysis

Impacts of groundwater metal loads from bedrock fractures on water quality of a mountain stream

Intensive water quality monitoring in a Taiwan bathing beach

Multivariate analysis of drinking water quality parameters in Bhopal, India

Regional-scale models for relating land cover to basin surface-water quality using remotely sensed data in a GIS

Relationship between landscape characteristics and surface water quality

Siting analyses for water quality sampling in a catchment

Spatial and seasonal patterns in water quality in an embayment-mainstem reach of the tidal freshwater Potomac River, USA: a multiyear study

Spatial and seasonal variation of water quality in an impacted coastal lagoon (Obidos Lagoon, Portugal)

Spatio-temporal variations in water quality of Nullah Aik-tributary of the river Chenab, Pakistan

Surface water quality assessment of the Vatinsky Egan River catchment, West Siberia

The effects of construction on water quality: a case study of the culverting of Abram Creek

The effects of the environment and ecology projects on lake management and water quality

The impact of watershed delineation on hydrology and water quality simulation

The uncertainty effects of design flow on water quality management

Use of neural networks for monitoring surface water quality changes in a neotropical urban stream

Wastewater quality of natural gas fertilizer factory, Fenchuganj and water quality of Kushiara River at the down stream

Water quality and heavy metal monitoring in water and sediment samples of the Kucukcekmece Lagoon, Turkey (2002-2003)

Water quality assessment and source identification of Daliao river basin using multivariate statistical methods

Water quality assessment of Almatti Reservoir of Bijapur (Karnataka State, India) with special reference to zooplankton

Water quality improvement after shifting of idol immersion site: A case study of Upper Lake, Bhopal, India

Water quality improvement through macrophytes-a review

Water quality trends in Polyphytos reservoir, Aliakmon River, Greece

Watershed influence on fluvial ecosystems: an integrated methodology for river water quality management