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Air Power Products Limited

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Supplier: Air Power Products Limited
Address: 191 Shearson Crescent, Cambridge, ON, N1T 1
Phone: 888-622-2034
Fax: 519-622-1949
Services: Manufacturer
Founded: 1989

Air Power Products Limited are based in ON but will deal with the following markets: Western Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, Mexico.

Main product lines include, regenerative blowers, rotary vane vacuum pumps in both lubricated and oil-less models, twintower desiccant air dryers, oil-less and lubricated reciprocating air compressor pumps and packages, and high pressure reciprocating air compressors to 1000 PSIG. Designer and manufacturer of twintower desiccant air dryers, and medical compressed air, and vacuum systems. Capabilities include design and manufacture of custom vacuum and compressed air systems to suit user requirements. Two Warehousing locations - Florence, Kentucky, U.S.A. & Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.