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Culligan Reynolds H2O Plus

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Supplier: Culligan Reynolds H2O Plus
Address: 119 Franklin St., Reading, PA, 19611-1289
Phone: 610-373-4194, 800-258-4202 (toll free)
Fax: 610-373-6768
Services: Distributor, Service Company
Founded: 1947

Culligan Reynolds H2O Plus are based in PA but will deal with the following markets: South America, Pacific Rim, China.

Manufacturer & distributor of water treatment equipment, systems, & supplies including water softeners & filters, bottled water & pure softener salt, reverse osmosis systems, & portable exchange deionizers for residential & commercial applications. Applications include use in businesses, manufacturers & industries including printing, medical, auto washing, pharmaceutical, food processing, laboratories, high-tech manufacturing, printed circuit board, plating, & photo processing. Water technologies available include reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, degasification, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, multi-media filtration, carbon adsorption, nitrate reduction, ozonation, desalination, microfiltration, clarification & filtration, greensand filtration, dealkanization & UV technology. Systems & equipment designs target water problems to produce water that meets ASTM electronic grade standards, SEMI pure water guidelines & USP purified water standards, CAP & NCCLS reagent grade water standards, ABMA guidelines, EEI & EPRI recommendations, surface water treatment rule & primary & secondary drinking water standards. Capabilities include delivery, installation, 24-hour emergency service, water analysis & equipment maintenance contracts.