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Sonic Corp

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Supplier: Sonic Corp
Address: 1 Research Dr., Stratford, CT, 06615-7184
Phone: 203-375-0063
Fax: 203-378-4079
Services: Manufacturer
Founded: 1955

Sonic Corp are based in CT but will deal with the following markets: Asia, Australia, Europe.

Sonolator high-pressure ultrasonic homogenizing systems (emulsify, disperse, homogenize, blend): Continuous & semi-continuous in-line mixing to 150+ GPM; Multiple-feed allows metering of several phases to create instant in-line emulsions & dispersions. Custom built to meet your needs. TechBlend automated blending systems; customized multiple-feed liquid chemical blending skids. RotoMill colloid mills (grind, disperse, emulsify wet slurries) Lab scale to 1600 gph. Typhoon propeller mixers: 1/4 to 10 hp. Contract processing of chemical emulsions or dispersions. Certified CAT pump & GIANT pump distributor.