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Littlestown Foundry Inc

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Supplier: Littlestown Foundry Inc
Address: 150 Charles St., Littlestown, PA, 17340-0069
Phone: 717-359-4141, 800-471-0844 (toll free)
Fax: 717-359-5010, 800-471-0846 (toll free)
Services: Manufacturer
Founded: 1916

Littlestown Foundry Inc are based in PA but will deal with the following markets: Western Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico.

ISO Certified Manufacturer Of Aluminum Sand Castings, From Ounces To 20 Lbs. Complete In-House Capabilities Including Heat Treating, Complete Laboratory Services & Testing; Certifications; Machining: CNC Lathes & Mills, Drilling & Tapping; Finishing: Honing, Vibratory, Shot Blasting, Assembly; Automated Molding: 2 Disa Match 130, 20 X 24; 1 Sinto FBM, 14 X 19. Alloys: A356, 356, 319