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WCB-Flow A Unit of SPX

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Supplier: WCB-Flow A Unit of SPX
Address: 699 Hertel Ave., Suite 260, Buffalo, NY, 14207
Phone: 800-777-1325
Fax: 716-871-0923
Services: Manufacturer, Service Company
Founded: 1951

WCB-Flow A Unit of SPX are based in NY but will deal with the following markets: Latin America/Caribbean.

Supplier of component equipment including: sanitary fittings - S-line for COP & CIP applications; BPE fittings - 1/2 in. through 6 in., stainless steel & other alloys; butterfly valves - available 1 in. through 4 in., T304 construction; ball valves -available 1/2 in. through 4 in., T316 construction; C Series pumps - open impeller, enlarged inlets, standard CIP capability; sampling valves, check valves, special gaskets, tubing.