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SPECTRO by Global Water

You are viewing details for the SPECTRO by Global Water, a water quality sensor that has the capacity to be used to measure Spectrometer.

Supply Voltage: 0
Min. Temperature: 0
Max. Temperature: 0

The SPECTRO Spectrophotometer is a portable spectrophotometer that is easier to use and more accurate than anything in its price range.? The portable spectrophotometers use a menu driven display where tests and functions are selected from scrolling menus for ultimate simplicity.? The portable spectrophotometer?s results are displayed as a %T, absorbance, and concentration.? The portable spectrophotometer comes with over 40 pre-programmed tests and up to 25 calibrations for additional tests can be entered into its memory.? You can also customize sequences for frequently run tests.? The portable spectrophotometers automatically move the grating to the required wavelength for your convenience.

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