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WQMS by Global Water

You are viewing details for the WQMS by Global Water, a water quality sensor that has the capacity to be used to measure pH.

Supply Voltage: 36
Min. Temperature: -50
Max. Temperature: 55

Global Water?s WQMS Water Quality Monitoring System allows you to monitor multiple water quality parameters with a fully integrated, easy to use, economical system.? The standard Water Quality Monitoring System includes our multichannel datalogger (featuring 7 analog channels and 2 digital channels for data recording) and four of our rugged 4-20 mA water quality sensors for measuring water temperature, pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen.? To customize the Water Quality Monitoring System for your application, you can select up to three more analog sensors and up to two digital sensors to monitor additional parameters such as turbidity, ORP, water level, wind speed/direction, rainfall, and more.

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